30CVB CAS 126980-24-3

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Molecular Structure

Molecular Structure of 30CVB CAS 126980-24-3

Molecular Formula

Molecular Weight

CAS Number(Or Watson Number for Non-CAS Products)




This product is developed by our R&D company Warshel Chemical Ltd (http://www.warshel.com/), and here is the corresponding link http://warshel.com/30CVB-cas-126980-24-3/

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This product is for research and development purpose only which may not be used directly as drugs, food, cosmetics or for any other non-R&D purpose. It may be toxic or hazardous, and should be handled only by qualified individuals trained in laboratory procedures. The buyer will be responsible to warn and inform any person that may be in contact with the product of the potential risks and hazards, as well as to ensure that purchase, use and disposal of the product comply with local laws and regulations.